A new winning way of draught beer sales

For large-scale breweries

  • Creates a new market segment
  • Offers a winning way of promoting beer brands
  • Reduces the amount of handling from
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For micro-breweries and brewpubs

  • A new sales channel
  • Increases beer sales volume
  • Makes a server’s work easier
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For retailers

  • Brings more profits
  • The opportunity to sell a wide range of beverages on tap
  • A more effective use of trade areas
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For home users

  • PEGAS saves your money
  • PEGAS saves your beer
  • PEGAS is ideal for all beer drinking occasions
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New high-margin business segment in your country


People love fresh draft beer


Beer-2-go format allows you to enjoy beer either in a bar or outside


PEGAS — effective way to fill beer from keg to bottle fast and foam-free


What is a draft beer-2-go?

  • Beer filling for pet bottles

  • Beer filling for glass bottles

  • A draft beer-2-go store is a store that targeted in draft beer sales. In these stores, draft beer is filling into glass bottles, or growlers, or plastic bottles to be taken away.
  • It is a convenient and easy way to get fresh beer supplied from local microbreweries, or from established international breweries to be consumed at home, at the beach, at parties or in stadium.
  • Beer in draft beer stores-2-go is always filling fresh and cold in different volumes (normaly between 1 liter and 5 liters), but has a shorter shelf-life than bottled beer.

Counterpressure filling method

Smooth fill

PEGAS device fills the growler with CO2. Start pouring beer and begin by releasing CO2 pressure. The speed of the pour is controlled by the amount of pressure released. Beer cascades down the sides of the growler providing a smooth fill from the bottom.

No foam, no waste

Foaming is controlled by filling from the bottom and the speed of the fill (speed of CO2 release). If poured properly there will be no foamy waste.

Perfect pour

Filled to the neck, topped off with a bit of foam, beer is safe from contact with air. ENJOY!