PEGAS Twist is a manual device used to aid with tightening and loosening bottle caps on PET bottles.

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Reliable cap tightening.
It ensures the bottle cap is tight enough to seal in the CO2 to ensure the beers freshness and to preserve the beer’s enriched flavor.

Ergonomically  designed.
The Pegas Twist comes with a soft handle for comfort, a simple design for ease of use, and an effective design that will tighten or loosen any cap.

Saves time.
The Pegas Twist saves the user time by simplifying the process of cap tightening, and by effectively sealing in the product.

Reduces Medical injuries.
The Pegas Twist reduces serious injuries to the wrist from excessive strain, and prevents blistering of the fingers.

A reliable product.
The Pegas Twist is made from a strong ABS plastic that is both durable and reliable.