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PEGAS CrafTap ULTRA is a new economical beer dispenser in the PEGAS ® product line for fast and foam-free filling of draught beer from kegs into glass bottles.

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Dispensing device PEGAS CrafTap Ultra


a beer dispensing system of cylindrical shape that is installed on a bar counter (or any other horizontal surface).

Purpose of development: to offer the beer industry a simple and compact beer dispenser that provides fast filling of beer from kegs into traditional glass bottles without beer wastage.

The technology applied in the PEGAS CrafTap Ultra ensures fast, foam-free dispensing and keeping primary beverage quality

For dispensing of several sorts with PEGAS CrafTap Ultra you can use PEGAS CraftPad - switching lines manifold which allows dispensing 6 beer sorts.

The manifold is a built-in rest-form that can be connected to PEGAS CrafTap Ultra, directly under the dispensing system, without taking an additional place.

The manifold is sold separately and can be easily connected to the device PEGAS CrafTap Ultra from any batches.

The switching lines manifold is equipped with a tap for channels washing with a washing solution or for blowing through with CO2 what prevents mixing of several sorts.



Presentation CrafTap Ultra

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